Nemo Oblivioni Tradita Est, Nihil Oblivioni Tradita Est

by Order Of Victory

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Casus Belli Musica presents Order Of Victory’s debut album “Nemo oblivioni tradita est, nihil oblivioni tradita est” proclaimed to be the first martial / neo-folk album in Russia, completely dedicated to the Russian Soldier. The topic of three Wars: World War I, the Civil War and World War II unites all eight tracks in a single composition, and two tracks use N. Gumilev’s, the great Russian poet, lyrics. Marching rhythms and dark lyrics make you to think seriously about such things as Courage, Memory and Hope – about the things which are probably lost forever.


released December 30, 2012

Label: Casus Belli Musica



Staatkunst South Bend, Indiana

Through strategic alliances with political, social and musical compatriots, STAATKUNST makes available in extreme limited quantities, the manifestos of some of the finest underground martial, industrial, neoclassical and dark ambient artists.

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